Minimum System Requirements

VoiceMyMail is a service in continuous evolution. Our team is working daily to optimize the source code and to improve the product features, in order to guarantee the highest quality for the consumer and the best and simplest navigation experience. For these reasons, VMM unleashes its full potential with:

Mozilla Firefox (version 3x.x)
Currently this is the only web browser fully compatible with WAI-ARIA (Web Accessibility Initiative - Accessible Rich Internet Applications) specification.
Thanks to the ARIA specification, VoiceMyMail can guarantee high accessibility for sightless people, and that is why Mozilla Firefox is the only fully supported browser.

NVDA Nonvisual desktop access (version 2014.x)
VoiceMyMail endorses high social impact projects. We are convinced that overtaking the digital divide brings advantage for the community. That is why we have decided to optimize VMM for the open source screen reader NVDA.
VoiceMyMail can be used with any screen reader, but in conjunction with NVDA it gets that extra boost towards a better navigation experience.

Pop Up Blocker disabled
VoiceMyMail needs to open browser tabs within the main window, because consulting the message list, reading incoming messages, creating a new message or using the search function are independent tasks. It is then fundamental disabling the popup blocker or at least adding an exception for the “” domain. Within Firefox this can be done through the Option Menu: “Content” tab > “Exceptions” button.


When the user inputs username and password, VoiceMyMail connects with the email provider that hosts the user’s personal account. This is made possible by the connectors. Currently VoiceMyMail has optimized the connectors for the following providers:

  • Google
  • Tiscali
  • Yahoo

(The connectors also make possible accessing to the domains hosted by the mentioned providers)