The project VoiceMyMail

WARNING: Currently the service allows access only to email boxes hosted by the providers: Google, Yahoo and Tiscali. Further information in minimum requirements..

VoiceMyMail is the webmail client for global and accessible e-mail, born to guarantee autonomous access to e-mails for everybody and in particular for sightless people.
VMM is a complete tool with a simple user-friendly interface and perfectly integrated with assistive technology devices, in order to support the user’s comprehension of features and functionalities, such as mail reading or creating a new message.
Therefore, besides the simplicity and the global range of the service, the great strength of VMM lies in the total accessibility of its features.
The screen readers, softwares employed by sightless people as a support for using computers, are in constant communication with VMM, gaining additional information to guide the users and to simplify their work. This synergy offers unprecedented navigation experience, and it will not require either software installation or the creation of new mail accounts.
Subscribing the demo version of the service is rapid and free.
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How much does it cost?

Subscribing VoiceMyMail is simple and worthwhile. For just 59 Euros you will be able to activate the 12-months service on your favourite email address. Furthermore, if you subscribe now you will get double benefit: choose the premium formula with trial period and we give you the first two months of service for free. Moreover, if after the trial you are not satisfied you do not have to pay anything!
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To whom does it cater?

To daily users of electronic mail
VoiceMyMail is different from the classic desktop clients and from traditional webmail services. It caters to frequent email users and to the ones looking for innovative solutions without losing their normal habits. Also for screen reader users, VoiceMyMail is the perfect tool: usable by everyone and everywhere!

To Local Administrations
VoiceMyMail promotes social integration. For city halls, universities, local government offices, VoiceMyMail offers easily accessible webmail provided with all the most common operative tools. It is possible purchasing it in bundle or ordering the installation of VoiceMyMail directly within your infrastructure, for a totally autonomous management of the service. If you find this interesting, do not hesitate to contact us.

To mail service providers
VoiceMyMail can work in synergy with every webmail interface and on every platform. The service providers or managers have two options: taking advantage of VoiceMyMail web interface, in order to manage accesses made by sightless people, or implementing VoiceMyMail engine into the existing interface. In both cases, their service will be finally available for everyone and 100% accessible, which will result in an exponential growing number of users.